Determining the right size

The images of the uploaded stickers are placed on a white background, so that is the removed part!You will get the black part, choose the color of your sticker for that!

(We make the stickers without a background!)

The sizing of the stickers is based on a box model. Let’s look at 6″inch

– If the chosen sticker is relatively square-based, the size will be 6″ x 6″

– If the sticker is based on a relatively wide base, it will be 6″inch wide, and its height will be proportional, as it gives itself!

– If the sticker is based on a relatively high base, then it will be 6″inch high, and its width is proportional to how it gives itself!


Viewed in actual scale

The longer the text, the smaller the height!

The sample below shows the difference in height for a longer or shorter name.

Instructions for use/help

The process of applying the stickers:

– Clean the surface with window cleaner (alcohol).
Only use window cleaner, not washing-up liquid, thinner, etc.!

The application film (transparent opaque layer) is firmly smoothed onto the sticker
using a plastic card. This operation is repeated until the applicator
foil does not start wearing the sticker completely!
If you don’t wear it, fold it back a little and rub that part hard again!

After it has been successfully transferred to the applicator, we stick it on the surface and smooth it over.

As a last step, we remove the application film!



We do not recommend installing stickers on siliconized or waxed surfaces.
Evaporation from siliconised, waxed plastic, glass and bodywork elements in heat is significant,
so the sticker can detach from the surface.
– In cold weather (+15 °C) the surface should be warmed up with a hair dryer!

We are not responsible for a sticker installed incorrectly!


4 inches

6 inches

8 inches

12 inches

18 inches

24 inches

35 inches


Special foil colors are also available at JDM Decals Hungary!

Hologram Original

Hologram Glitter

Hologram Gold Glitter

Hologram Dark Glitter

Hologram Red Glitter

Hologram Blue Glitter

Chrome Gold

Chrome Silver

We handle all orders with personal attention!

Registration is not required when ordering products! You can order quickly and easily.

If you want to order more than one sticker, we recommend that you add them to the cart one at a time, so you will be able to set the colors and sizes for each of them individually. This way you can even order stickers of different colors and sizes for everyone.

Other information

Defective product – We sent the wrong sticker?!

No need to worry! We guarantee it!
Defective and incorrect stickers will be replaced free of charge via priority mail!

Refund – Product return

In any case, the cost of return postage is borne by the Buyer!

Refunds take an average of 2-4 working days!

Return the product in its original packaging, unused, within 14 days!
Pack the product carefully so that it is not damaged during transport!

Return the product to the following address:
JDM Decals Hungary,
3742 Rudolftelep, Beke street 6/1.

Please send us your invoice number, order number, name given when ordering, shipping and billing address by e-mail to

In all cases, the refund is made to the bank account number specified by the Buyer!

We will contact you as soon as we receive the package.

The cost of postage, if any, and it was not delivered free of charge, is always borne by the Buyer, we are not able to refund this.
As a result of the refund, you will not be charged any additional fees.

The terms and conditions contained in the General Terms and Conditions are fulfilled by the Users with their registration or automatically accepted by placing an order.


The products are ready in 1-2 days. We usually start the production of the stickers immediately after processing the order. Orders are processed continuously, we prepare them in the order in which they are received.

Stickers: The products are only sold as they are found in the webshop. You can read about sizes here, and you can find all the information in the ‘FAQS’ menu item. (found under the price of the opened product)

Unique stickers: If you have found a different sticker, but unfortunately it is not listed on the site, contact us and we will implement it for you.

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