Answers to frequently asked questions

Which payment methods are accepted in the online store?

Payment by bank card is available in our online store.

How long will it take for the ordered sticker to arrive?

The completion time of the stickers usually takes place within 1-2 working days after the order and they are sent. Orders are processed continuously, we prepare them in the order in which they are received.

How safe is shopping in the Webstore? Is my data protected?

It is completely safe and secure. You can order the products without registration, so we will not store any data in our system after invoicing!

What exactly happens after ordering?

After ordering, we will notify you by e-mail about the status of the order, and you can see the order number, stickers ordered, and costs.
After we have sent the package, we will also notify the customer by e-mail when the ordered stickers can be expected.

How do I know the sticker size?

After you have chosen a sticker, you can find all the information about the dimensions in the ‘F.A.Q.’s’ menu! If something is not clear, feel free to write to us!

Is it possible to order after?

Yes, we can fix it. Find us with confidence!

How to install decals?

The process of applying the stickers:

– Clean the surface with window cleaner (alcohol).
Only use window cleaner, not washing-up liquid, thinner, etc.!

The application film (transparent opaque layer) is firmly smoothed onto the sticker
using a plastic card. This operation is repeated until the applicator
foil does not start wearing the sticker completely!
If you don’t wear it, fold it back a little and rub that part hard again!

After it has been successfully transferred to the applicator, we stick it on the surface and smooth it over.

As a last step, we remove the application film!



We do not recommend installing stickers on siliconized or waxed surfaces.
Evaporation from siliconised, waxed plastic, glass and bodywork elements in heat is significant,
so the sticker can detach from the surface.
– In cold weather (+15 °C) the surface should be warmed up with a hair dryer!

We are not responsible for a sticker installed incorrectly!